Our Story

Faith-based Christian apparel turning casual conversations into a powerful exchange of faith in a unique, easy way.

For The Name creates products for everyone! We draw our inspiration from the one true living God and His Word. Our hope is to use this brand as a simple gateway for others to share their faith.

Let For The Name serve as a reminder that our time, energy, and talents are all to bring Him glory and share His love with the world.


Hi, my name’s Hailey, just a Jesus loving college student on a mission to spread the love of God!

The idea behind For The Name came to me at the age of sixteen. By that time, I’d been drumming on worship teams for a little over three years. As a young female drummer, I stood out on stage and received a lot of attention. I felt like a celebrity, walking through hallways, wanting attention from people. Unfortunately, this image was false, but the cockiness was real. Even though I was on stage worshipping Jesus, off stage I was worshipping myself. This gift from God had fallen into a state of pridefulness and I soon realized my desires focused more on what people could do for me than what I could do for His Kingdom.

As always, God showed up and I wanted to create an image representing His Truth. It was at this point when I began to use the number 4 serving as a reminder of whom I was living for. To this day, I use the number 4 –now a permanent tattoo– to remind myself that the gifts I’ve been given stem from the Lord’s strength and not my own. It's all for His name.


Hailey Mavromatis